Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chronicles Of a B-School - Volume 1

It would be right to think that in a place like a business school , you 'll find diversity, people from all corners of the country, people having nothing in common with each other except maybe a common language , people brought up under different circumstances , studied in various engineering colleges across the country - I write Engineering colleges instead of undergraduate colleges because I wouldn't want to portray B-schools crowd as consisting of a mix of prominent number of Arts & Science grads.. It is not true , and it is a fact that almost all students are engineering grads and some others with a distinctive Psychology/Psychiatry/ Philosophy/ Economics/M.B.B.S./ Pure Sciences undergraduate degrees. But , mind you, there are just about one of each kind :)
And then again there are engineers who have done weird things in their lives :O Take my roommate for example. a simple sleepy girl, (very sleepy for that matter and she manages to get the grades :) , god knows how :| ) , very sweet , would simply attend all the scheduled classes and come and sit on her computer till I bring the roof down with my banter ;) , no one would ever think of disturbing the peaceful soul for group projects/assignments etc unless absolutely necessary, and no one could have imagined that SHE has the '21' kind of resume (If you can relate to the movie 21) . She had been to 2 undergraduate colleges - SRCC and Jaypee Institute of Information Technology , in a single lifetime I mean! After 12 std and a few months into SRCC, she comes home one fine day to 'inform' her parents that economics was 'boring' :| and very conveniently she was allowed to switch to engineering! Aare, I would be dead if i dared suggesting such things to my parents :O
Another of her chronicles : After a series of MBA entrance exams and their results , my dear rommie was called for a GD and interview round at IMT , Ghaziabad. It was then she built on her resume by turning up 24 hours late for her GD and interview :O .. Need I say more :|
She supposedly read the date wrong on her call letter and hence turned up for the same the next day.. And look at her accommodating circumstances once again, She was allowed in the process on a good excuse of having fallen ill the previous day ( imagne , the panelists actually bought that) .. SO you see, there are people who want to be exceptional and there are those who have no such intentions and turn out that way all the same :)

So , that was the Volume 1 of the chronicles- Of people who intend to make '21' jaise resumes , and those whose become '21' jaise resumes !!


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  2. @Prashant : You ve made very valid points in reverse script :D My Dear roommie has asked me time and again to delete the post , but for the benefit of the community at large , that is one of the many things I am not going to consider :D