Monday, May 23, 2011

And We Say That An Ostrich Has An 'Ostrich Brain'

This is one of the rarest moments when I sincerely hope that this post may never be read by anyone, an extremely rare thing for a blogger like me to wish, for, otherwise I love the posts to entice comments- either in appreciation or in criticism. But what I will now write so frankly, so clearly with no names changed, is going to be so ruthlessly true that it will no doubt be offensive...
We as the Human Race have tagged the Ostriches to have the brain they do apparently because they cannot, at a dead end, defend themselves in the face of fear and choose to shut their eyes instead, but putting it very simply, I have never seen a stupider species than the Human race. Since the time Man has learnt to live, he has learnt to fight, most of the times unnecessarily and most of the times with weapons and intention whose power to destroy he did not fathom.In the illusion of protecting himself and his 'family' he has not 'defended' but 'attacked', he has, from the time he was an early man, fought with his neighbors over territory, over water, over each and every thing which was actually in abundance and would satisfy the needs of all, but was thought by the Ostrich brain of Human beings to be scarce. In due course of time however, the worse was yet to come. When it did not suffice for Man to fight and kill for the above things, he thought it inevitable to create a hype, a illusion, an occupation of the mind, a symbol so strong that it would keep Mankind engaged for generations together. Religion! The greatest institution ever created which on the name of 'God' threw million and millions of people into their graves, a power so powerful that the apparently developed brains of Human beings shrunk to ostrich brain size and they killed and slaughtered each other on one call from their leader who used their stupidity to flatter his own only to be killed long before he could return to his family. On the name of Allah, on the name of Christ, on the name of Krishna, on the name of Ram, on the name of Zoroaster, all that we as a race have done is bloody killed and gotten killed. We stupid set of Ostrich brains, this is all we have done! And no, I am not ONLY talking about the times of the crusades and jihads and the like where we fought like we-are-still-uncivilized-give us-time, I am also talking about TODAY. I think I have taken enough of the bird's eye view of the ages gone by, talking about the wars being fought today, it is too damn unfortunate to observe that we continue to remain the same set of uncivilized, ostrich brained souls who at a direction from our leaders are willing to kill and get killed over something neither we nor they, (especially they) 'really' care about- religion. Wtf actually, wars and wars and wars- someone wants to spread Christianity, some others want to spread Islam, some others want to spread Hinduism etc etc. what the hell do the want to spread by killing! All they do, all of the ostrich brained leaders and smaller brained followers is capture and in the process make sure they instill fear, not Godliness... But, this talk does not ensure or provide a solution t anything, except maybe discouraging getting oneself involved in a kill game. Is there a solution to the Afghan war, where thousands of civilians got killed in the bombing, the onset of which was not their fault, Is there a solution to the Iraq war were Human lives continue to be wasted with every passing day, and only tears flow in every family for no fault of the civilians or for that matter even the soldiers who have signed themselves up for the army and are by virtue of their duty forced to murder and and get killed in the process? Is there is solution to the Ayodhya Massacre where we continue to fight like a bunch of idiots while our leaders continue to hog the limelight in the media by the totally useless sacrifice of human lives? Is there a solution to the continuous terrorism in India and in Pak? We are getting killed, all of us, from all countries of the world, from all the religious backgrounds, at the direction of people in power, whether we like it or not. So, why does everyone need to die? Can't simple swift, neat assassinations of the leader, a particular leader wants to out be a better solution than everyone getting killed, especially those who want to have nothing to do the crap and wish to live on this otherwise beautiful creation...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Physical Labour Vs. Mental Labour

Why does the World today value Mental Labour much over Physical Labour ? Is it because Mental faculties are the only distinguishing factor we have compared to animals and the reckless promotion of this differentiating factor is justified by the trend the human race has put into place of overvaluing mental labour and constantly degrading the dignity of physical labour? The following questions arise - Would you not do any of your own house cleanliness work for days together and let the dirt pile up if your domestic help weren't available for unavoidable reasons? What would you do if you are a businessman of a manufacturing unit and all your physical labourers refused to come to work because they suddenly found it below their dignity to do any such work? Would physical workers then not become the most scarce resource in the market? Would you then not pay them more than your managers? What would each of us do if suddenly due to 'dignity of physical labour' problems, no one agreed to drive public buses, no one ever cleaned our roads, no one ever cleaned the offices we work in, no one agreed to work on any construction site as labourers, if mothers refuse to cook as they now do not want to get an inch close to house work, there were no gardeners etc etc etc. ?
All this and we still value the so called mental labour much much more than physical labour. In fact even the jobs in organizations requiring continuous computer work from morning to night are now looked at as more physical work than mental and is hence probably underpaid, and the cadre above this is said to be the 'thinkers' , those who generate ideas which are then implemented by someone else, and the 'thinkers' are heavily paid for each idea they generate. But, can you not see, that as one rises up the hierarchy, the work changes to more Physical? You say that a manager has to do no physical work because he is not carrying stones on his back, but does not he have to walk in his Woodland shoes up and down his departments floor space all day long, does not he have to keep on talking and talking and talking- answering calls, answering his subordinates, answering his seniors, developing PR with his peers, typing out emails all day long, bending in front of the computer screen all day long, arranging and rearranging filed papers (all the more worse for the females, they have to do the same in heeled shoes!)... The point therefore remains, why do we as a so called developed race set trends which are soon going to backfire on us and bring us back to base one with the worth of the so-called physical labour shoots up a million times higher than the mental work, a term which would soon be as a satire describing the laziest of the lot!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How much GAS is too much GAS ;)

Does Gas have power? Yes, it does. In many contexts its very useful -
When you have to answer a non mathematical question,
When you have to give a 'supposedly' logical answer,
When you are on stage and you 'have to speak' simply because people look up to you,
When you advice someone by virtue of being an MBA,
When you are suddenly woken up in the middle of a class by a professor and have to make up an on-the-spot question,
When you are dressed in business suits and you know that people will only pretend to listen to you when they are actually only looking at you,
When you are called as an honorary guest at a big event and anything you say will be taken in high regard,
When you need to be politically correct so that neither do you, nor does anyone in the janta truly understands what you meant and thus cannot drag you to court,
When you know at least 50% of the janta will buy your theatrics over someone's rational but uninteresting claims,
When you believe that all of this world is running on GAS- all financial systems, all jobs, all aspirations, all international relations, all international conflicts, all systems of the world including the educational system, the media, the governments, the boom and the bust of the economic power of nations is only a man made drama to keep his empty mind occupied now that he is born.....

But, I don't think GAS has any legal power ;)
After all, Power is defined as "any electrical energy, gas or any other form of energy, which is mechanically transmitted and is NOT GENERATED BY HUMAN or ANIMAL AGENCY :D

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Contemporary Gyan

There Is Only One Thing Stronger Than All Armies In The World;
An Idea Whose Time Has Come.....
- Victor Hugo

Friday, October 29, 2010

And Things Will Never Be The Same Again

I was 'scheduled' to write this post like months back, ohh sorry, I was 'skejuled' to write this post like months back... After all we as Indians have been trying hard to convert ourselves into pseudo Americans from pseudo British, takes a few months you know ;)
And then you may ideally go 'flat' hunting in a new city, but then again, go for 'apartment' hunting instead. ( I hope people don't turn you down because they shall not be able to rent the entire 'Apartment' to you. Dude! You can't like go around asking for an entire hundred flat apartment! )
And then, nobody really wants to make the 'social faux pas' of using the word 'lift' instead of 'elevator' in India today. Another move from British to American. But, they would still use 'telephone tariffs' and not 'telephone call rates'! Why hang on to the British usage here?? Its more and more apparent that we as a race of Indians love complicated words whose usage can be made even more complicated. The cooler is sounds, the better your social standing is, the more you can tongue twist the traditionally taught pronunciations, the more educated and professional you appear to be. The phenomenon hardly appears to be shift of loyalty from one usage of English to another, but the idea that keep the 'most complicated' of both worlds :D
Don't know where this particular usage came from, its an interesting observation nevertheless: I am working in XYZ Co. Ltd.--> I am working with XYZ Co Ltd. :) Increased coolness or the illusion of it? ;)
We prefer standing in a queue (British) than standing in a line (American)
Yet don't wish to use the 'pavement' (British) to using the sidewalk (American)
And the best part of this all is we, as Indians don't know WHY we are doing this, and wouldn't really accept our nature to complicate things as a status symbol

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Contemporary Gyan

The Best Day of Your Life Is When You Realise That
Your Life Is Your Own
And You Alone Are Responsible For The Quality of It!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back then....

Dedicated to all my dear school friends
Back then in school we were so uncomplicated, so simple and silly sometimes, took pleasure in small silly events, little jokes, rainy days, playing in the sand, missing the bus to home, missing the bus to school, losing pencils and erasers, jumping on bus seats, polishing PT shoes with chalk, breaking little rules and taking pride in them, hand fighting, chalk fighting, pellet fighting, thumb fighting, pen fighting, book fighting, class fight..... And then book cricket, pen cricket, dictionary cricket, hand cricket, we have done it all and how.... We loved our days, loved the Sundays, loved the Fridays before the Saturdays, loved the labs and fudging the readings, loved the classes titled 'last period'.... giggled through classes, frantically copied homework, got caught, apologised and repeated the same the next day, ate lunch from friends' lunch boxes, paired people with one another, teased them like hell, carried bags and baskets, skipped the baskets then and stuffed lunch boxes into bags, skipped the water bottle, struggled with the water cooler, escaped teachers outside of school, tried out the cheapest coffee at coffee day, bought Lays packets for the tazoos inside them, exchanged these tazoos and 'traded' the rarest ones.....
And now the only thing we trade is our conscience
The only thing we lose are our friends
The only thing we miss is friends birthdays
The only thing we love is money
The only behaviour we have built our expertise at is manipulation
The only thing we take pleasure in are rewards
The only days we like are dry ones because rainy days disrupt our plans
The things we fight about have become more and more complicated
Our cricket discussion is limited to analysis of tournaments
The only places we eat at the most expensive ones as an image management stint
The only coffee we drink is the over 100 bucks coffee of coffee day
The only thing we collect are contacts
The only things we love are our computers
And we do this as a reflex.........

But we have no time to stand and stare, do we ............