Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back then....

Dedicated to all my dear school friends
Back then in school we were so uncomplicated, so simple and silly sometimes, took pleasure in small silly events, little jokes, rainy days, playing in the sand, missing the bus to home, missing the bus to school, losing pencils and erasers, jumping on bus seats, polishing PT shoes with chalk, breaking little rules and taking pride in them, hand fighting, chalk fighting, pellet fighting, thumb fighting, pen fighting, book fighting, class fight..... And then book cricket, pen cricket, dictionary cricket, hand cricket, we have done it all and how.... We loved our days, loved the Sundays, loved the Fridays before the Saturdays, loved the labs and fudging the readings, loved the classes titled 'last period'.... giggled through classes, frantically copied homework, got caught, apologised and repeated the same the next day, ate lunch from friends' lunch boxes, paired people with one another, teased them like hell, carried bags and baskets, skipped the baskets then and stuffed lunch boxes into bags, skipped the water bottle, struggled with the water cooler, escaped teachers outside of school, tried out the cheapest coffee at coffee day, bought Lays packets for the tazoos inside them, exchanged these tazoos and 'traded' the rarest ones.....
And now the only thing we trade is our conscience
The only thing we lose are our friends
The only thing we miss is friends birthdays
The only thing we love is money
The only behaviour we have built our expertise at is manipulation
The only thing we take pleasure in are rewards
The only days we like are dry ones because rainy days disrupt our plans
The things we fight about have become more and more complicated
Our cricket discussion is limited to analysis of tournaments
The only places we eat at the most expensive ones as an image management stint
The only coffee we drink is the over 100 bucks coffee of coffee day
The only thing we collect are contacts
The only things we love are our computers
And we do this as a reflex.........

But we have no time to stand and stare, do we ............


  1. nice article niyati...
    sometimes 'looking back' is not all bad.. :)

  2. hi! I chanced upon your blog when you'd put it up as your status on gtalk :P

    I loved the post and I loved the way you have described our daily lives back then! It was so carefree despite the thousand stresses of ACE etc. Hehe!

  3. @Shruti: Aare looking back is really pleasant actually, wowww... :)
    @Priyanka: Thanks!Apart from ACE timings, school was fun,moved right to the last few benches in 11th n 12th ;)