Friday, October 29, 2010

And Things Will Never Be The Same Again

I was 'scheduled' to write this post like months back, ohh sorry, I was 'skejuled' to write this post like months back... After all we as Indians have been trying hard to convert ourselves into pseudo Americans from pseudo British, takes a few months you know ;)
And then you may ideally go 'flat' hunting in a new city, but then again, go for 'apartment' hunting instead. ( I hope people don't turn you down because they shall not be able to rent the entire 'Apartment' to you. Dude! You can't like go around asking for an entire hundred flat apartment! )
And then, nobody really wants to make the 'social faux pas' of using the word 'lift' instead of 'elevator' in India today. Another move from British to American. But, they would still use 'telephone tariffs' and not 'telephone call rates'! Why hang on to the British usage here?? Its more and more apparent that we as a race of Indians love complicated words whose usage can be made even more complicated. The cooler is sounds, the better your social standing is, the more you can tongue twist the traditionally taught pronunciations, the more educated and professional you appear to be. The phenomenon hardly appears to be shift of loyalty from one usage of English to another, but the idea that keep the 'most complicated' of both worlds :D
Don't know where this particular usage came from, its an interesting observation nevertheless: I am working in XYZ Co. Ltd.--> I am working with XYZ Co Ltd. :) Increased coolness or the illusion of it? ;)
We prefer standing in a queue (British) than standing in a line (American)
Yet don't wish to use the 'pavement' (British) to using the sidewalk (American)
And the best part of this all is we, as Indians don't know WHY we are doing this, and wouldn't really accept our nature to complicate things as a status symbol

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