Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How much GAS is too much GAS ;)

Does Gas have power? Yes, it does. In many contexts its very useful -
When you have to answer a non mathematical question,
When you have to give a 'supposedly' logical answer,
When you are on stage and you 'have to speak' simply because people look up to you,
When you advice someone by virtue of being an MBA,
When you are suddenly woken up in the middle of a class by a professor and have to make up an on-the-spot question,
When you are dressed in business suits and you know that people will only pretend to listen to you when they are actually only looking at you,
When you are called as an honorary guest at a big event and anything you say will be taken in high regard,
When you need to be politically correct so that neither do you, nor does anyone in the janta truly understands what you meant and thus cannot drag you to court,
When you know at least 50% of the janta will buy your theatrics over someone's rational but uninteresting claims,
When you believe that all of this world is running on GAS- all financial systems, all jobs, all aspirations, all international relations, all international conflicts, all systems of the world including the educational system, the media, the governments, the boom and the bust of the economic power of nations is only a man made drama to keep his empty mind occupied now that he is born.....

But, I don't think GAS has any legal power ;)
After all, Power is defined as "any electrical energy, gas or any other form of energy, which is mechanically transmitted and is NOT GENERATED BY HUMAN or ANIMAL AGENCY :D

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