Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I wish there was a synonym for 'Happiness' ; the poor word is too underrated :(

A little girl once asked her mother : Mom , What are we here in this world for?
Mother : We are here in this world to make everyone happy
Girl : Then what are the others here for ? :|

To our generation , it sounds like some random motivational speech excerpt or a redundant philosophical crap, the hue and cry about 'happiness' I mean. No wonder I was looking for a substitute for the word. If i now write all the redundant stuff about money vs happiness, this post would be worth a skip, but considering the smart frame of mind I am in right now , I ll put it differently later on.
Many people think that some days are good , some are not so good and some days Bad and the days being as they are have something to do with what events happened during the course of the day including who said what and when , what marks one scored in a random test of ability ( as academicians define it :|) , which expectations were shattered on the day and so on...

They fail to see that being happy( forgive me for using the word , still looking for a synonym with the same effect) is rarely ever external. It is not true to say one will be happy if the circumstances are conductive and will be busy trying to cope in a morose state otherwise. They also fail to realize that one can (against the conventional wisdom usually found in books), condition himself to be 'happy' (I used the word 'condition' -> read as force himself , was just trying to downplay the effect of 'force' ) . If you repeat to yourself enough number of times a day "I will be happy , because I want to , and i deserve no lesser " , and you Love yourself enough , the number of not-so-good days and Bad days will reduce drastically.

Philosophy of life is actually simple - "Be happy" , the rest follows. It obviously goes without saying that to be happy you must not be guilty of hurting someone , indulge in any wrongdoing, screwing up a situation etc etc. Before you begin to think this paragraph is getting too lecture-like , let me remind you each one of us is not as bothered about any of the above mentioned 'activities' as we are about their impact on our happiness (read as unnecessarily occupying my mind when I should be having fun) by awakening our conscience or guilt or inflated egos.

Once you happen to love yourself enough , which I think is absolutely necessary for survival today , you will also learn that it isnt so difficult to be habitually happy :) , a stage where external factors have only minimal impact and you learn to get over events , negative atmospheres , negative idea and people by reinforcing your right to be happy.

Happiness is a journey ,not a destination
so, work like you dont need money
Love like you've never been hurt
And dance like no one s watching.


  1. I completely agree with the "to be happy you must not be guilty of hurting someone , indulge in any wrongdoing..." part. Very interesting and insightful post :)

  2. @ pmax3 : That was a sweet validation :)

  3. @ gags: u can still recognise colours :|

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