Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What Really Hurts when someone hurts you

Most stages of hurt arent about external conflict at all. You think you really care who said what and did what ?? Oh, come on , most of the junta in this world is too damn self obsessed (admitting I am one of them) to bother themselves enough about another being to a degree where solely external factors can hurt you.

What 'Hurts' is the internal conflict within oneself. It is your Ego which is hurt , the very fact that " How could you be so dumb , so as not to see it coming" ; or "Even though you saw it coming , what made you shut your brain and follow your heart " ; or " Why you didnt trust your Mind over your Heart, a lesson you had been repeating to yourself everyday before you decided to drop it to accommodate certain circumstances"

Before you decide to attribute your setback ( I call it setback , not hurt repeatedly) to someone else , however binding the circumstances , think for a moment , what is really hurting you , Do you recollect what he/she said or do you recollect what You did and said and are tryin to come to terms with your own self respect which you now consider violated because of your actions which you now regret.

Hurt therefore is due to Internal conflict more than it can ever be due to External conflict.


  1. I agree with you... but only partly. In my opinion there are two ways you can be hurt.
    1. you can hurt yourself - may be because of internal conflict within yourself
    2. others can hurt you - people who are very simple are often transparent and vulnerable like glass. glasses simply break when insensible people attack it with words and action. The moot point is, if you are simple it is not your fault... it is the way you are, and if you blame yourself for being simple, then you are hurting yourself even more.

    Sometimes it is best to blame others for your 'Hurt' and move on. If you blame yourself, then you carry your cross for eternity.

  2. @ sangeet : A simple philosophy to be followed in life : either forgive or forget, that does not mean to say u have all Mother Teressa like characteristics , it only mean to say by doing either of those u r doing yourself a favor more than anyone else :)
    And i really liked ur 2 nd point :)