Sunday, August 9, 2009

Einstein Level Discussions :|

Einstein Level Discussions are those which APPEAR to have earth-shattering findings and mountain moving plans pipelined for execution (AS IF) and the people involved in these discussions usually consider themselves highly qualified and intellectual to discuss over issues of National and Global importance and are extremely charged up (just before and during the discussion) to bring about a change in this seemingly incorrigible world of ours :| . So , that's the definition of Einstein Level Discussions.

Lemme State a few of them now ( While you can Roll On The Floor Laughing) :|

-> Managers in a boardroom drawing up plans.

-> Or still better , to-be Managers in a B-School Classroom discussing over situations of the corporate world. ( As If they ve been there , done that !!)

-> Silly case study and Group Discussion competitons in Engineering Colleges and funnier , even in B-Schools ( Everyone has earth shattering ideas , who the hell is gonna execute them?)

->Girls sitting in a hostel room at 12 midnight and carrying out a never-ending discussion.

-> Guys sittin in a hostel room / railway station (drunk) and discussing (usually about girls :|)

->Everyone discussing everyone elses relationships and who should have done what and when instead of what he did then

->The planning process for any task to be carried out requires immense ELDs and the planners think they are using more than 10% of their brain.

-> In a Group Discussion under consideration , ( for placements and the like ) you must see the ideas people put forth! ( Amazingly interesting and Totally useless :|)

Never Mind , its become an occupational hazard I suppose , So just sit back and smile to yourself thinking how many times you have indulged in these Elite Discussions all the while condemning the others who have done so ;)


  1. u know 'm doin just that...smiling at myself!!
    how childish those moments were... sometimes u feel it while u r disscussing it...and sometimes whn u think abt it l8r.

  2. @ Vaibhav :I swear yaar :) its esp too cool wen u ve effectively wasted at least 3 or 4 hrs on ELDs ;)

  3. *feminism/stereo-typing/bias alert* : lines 19-20.

    nice anthology!!

    great ideas have come out of similar crappy ELDs though!

  4. @ Bunty : Great ideas have i agree!! but wat bout the implementation ;) hahaha