Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whats The Whole Hue 'n Cry About The CAT Going Online ??

With the Common Admission Test for the IIMs going online from 2009 , a section of people in the country are again screaming from the roof tops about the denial of equal opportunities for all :|

What they seemingly fail to understand before making such a hue n cry about the denial of opportunity to the rural folks who aren't well versed with the computer is that , there is some basic eligibility criteria for any institute which cannot be relaxed time and again to accommodate everybody. And its not like anyone's barring them to sit in the exam, it must be realized that to enter into the premier B-Schools in the country one must be reasonably comfortable using a basic device like the computer, without which nothing in this world moves. As graduates of these institutes , one is expected to be the face of the country to the global world and I really dont think they are asking for too much if they make their entrance exam go online! After all you dont mean to argue that computer skills can be learned even in those 2 (or 1) year of the MBA program, because then you'd say that we can consider scrapping the test of english language as well 'coz even that amounts to denial of equal opportunities to the rural folks!!

I DO NOT mean to say that we can be blatantly inconsiderate towards these sections of the society. I also DO NOT mean to say that all concessions being given to them at school and undergraduate level aren't required. I only mean to say that , before the National dailies print articles about this hue n cry over the CAT going online , they must think once from the institutes point of view. Not everything in the country is for social service , they've got to run a Premier B-School for god sake and putting it quite simply , a basic eligibility criteria is being able to use a computer, which in my opinion can be learnt with some practice before appearing for the exam as they are not asking you to develop new softwares or anything , all they are asking of you , is to be able to mark answers by the click of the mouse on a user friendly software. :)

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