Friday, November 27, 2009

Does Courteousness Disregard Equality

Is it really required? The chivalry and all they keep talking about?
For instance why should men offer their seats to women in a restaurant? Why should they allow ladies to enter first in a bus or car or anywhere for that matter?

Doesn't all this downplay the very equality of the fairer gender (as it is popularly called , for reasons beyond my understanding) ? Shouldn't the seats in restaurants be filled on a simple first come first serve basis? Shouldn't a queue be followed? The very concept of offering seats to women shows only that they might not by themselves be able to procure that seat and the only way they can is from a man courteous enough to offer them one. Is it too difficult to sit on the handle of a chair for a girl , just as all the guys can manage? I really don't think so. And if all those feminist groups and associations are so hell bent on procuring equality for women in government bodies and elsewhere , why do they fail to realise that the concept of equality must be embedded in the framework of the human mind and the society where men and women are not seen differently in any aspect and the way of life must reflect that. Isn't it only justified to say that not only should women be entitled to equal rights but also be entitled to equal inconvenience in case of lack of seating space or a long queue ....


  1. Very good point. In fact I think we see fewer displays of "chivalry" these days - and this could have something to do with the embedding of the concept of equality in people's mind.

    On the other hand, all women are different, and irrespective of the confidence and self-esteem they possess, some women like to be treated with special courtesy.

    My view is not rigid on this, but I think "chivalry" is just an acknowledgement by the man of the respect that women deserve just because of being women.

    What do you think, makes sense?

  2. Very good post Niyati. I can't agree with you more.

  3. @Amit: That is a nice point you made of course. I'd like to add that what I meant was women get the true respect just like everybody else and just the pretentious display of respect(in some ingenuine cases) will not do :)