Monday, November 9, 2009

Job Fit It Seems :-|

It may sound clichéd , but the placement season at a B-School teaches you a lot. Not so much in terms of knowledge, or interview skills or GD skills but in terms of how to get your way around things, actually more than that, how Others got their way around things while you were sleeping although you thought you were at your peak alertness. It also teaches you how to pretend 'effectively', sometimes subtly, but most of the times very obviously to wake up a sleeping GD or an interview panel.

It is said that companies are looking for a person-job fit. Believe me , its true. Not in the regular sense per se. It has more to do with how much of their work you as an individual can (will) do. Now , you d be thinking why I wrote this statement as a separate statement , sounds pretty useless as an additional piece of information, doesn't it? What I meant by work is not only their management work but also their mismanagement work, the unethical , so considered inappropriate work. (although the line between ethical and unethical is blurring by the day and ethical now extends up to the amount of moral dilemma your conscience can ignore. And that limit is different for different individuals and hence the difference in the definition of ethics etc.) ( Hilarious to see 'ethics' is now coming under the 'etcetera' category :D )
It is one helluva a sight to see a candidate so unaware of why he got selected and basking in the glory of his success for something great he bragged in his interview and how brilliant he is etc. etc.. I am not saying that that information wasn't instrumental in his selection, in fact it was probably the only thing that got him through. It was exactly what the panel was looking for. They were probably waiting for one such candidate who would actually break some rules and give some information (which he thinks shows him in good light , but the content of which is of no concern to the panel). A guy who could brag, lie, be able to disregard the rules and get their work done. It wasn't because of the content of the lie that you got selected but due to that very distinguished quality :D . Who do you think wants a hoard of people who are so damn high on morals that they d never agree to do the dirty work, What on earth would FMCG s ( in fact almost all sectors) do with them. The rules are on paper guys, some are required to follow them, some are officially not. When companies come on campus , yes, they are looking for a person-job fit, now you know what they want to fit whom into :-|
The placement season has been insightful , very interesting to watch human interactions and behaviours and ignorance most of all....


  1. @ Amit : Its a a blog post yaar.. It does not mean to offend anybody of course. Its only my analysis of the few touchy issues in this season.. There have been a lot of positives too :)

  2. Hahaha, i was only kidding. Seriously though, are there any reasons for your cynicism?

  3. @ Amit: Na, no reasons as such.. Was just too exciting to be in this game