Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why I Believe That ALL people Are Basically Good Deep Inside

Ever considered looking beyond what is evident from a persons untoward actions... Ever considered what might have triggered someone's rudeness, what might be behind someone's irritable behaviour, behind someone's repeated selfish actions, behind someone's irrational views, behind someone's shrewd ways, behind someone's negative vibes, behind someone's hatred towards society, systems, nature or simply behind someone's repulsive personality.....
No, it is not their character that I have the right to comment upon , nor do I have the right to comment upon what they did in circumstances I was not a witness to... All I shall comment upon is the fragility of the human heart... No person would ever 'love', in the true sense of the word, to behave in ways cited above. It must have been the circumstances surrounding them that made them what they are at this moment... An inherent , maybe irrational insecurity, a rational one to them perhaps, a rude shock in their lifestyles, loss of a loved one, a crumbled ego, financially disrupted childhood, emotional setback..... An appeal to all who read this, believe in the goodness of the human heart, please believe in giving benefit of doubt to all those you encounter, to all those who may have been rude to you, or cheated you if you would still like to put it that way and for God sake do believe in the basic goodness of mankind and the compassion he holds in his heart, a compassion which is often bound by convergent forces of ego and insecurity...


  1. Very true. All of us are good people, and even in case of the apparently evil ones, the goodness is lurking below the surface. The art is to bring out that goodness. But most of us aren't very good artists :|

    Thanks for this lovely post :)

  2. @Amit: Totally agree yaar.. the trick is to take things a little lightly.. be a little chill about passing comments and rough sounding statements made by someone... pay little attention to them.. They didnt actually mean it :)