Monday, February 22, 2010

Let Your Wards Pursue Whatever They Like...... And Believe Me They Might End Up Doing Nothing At All !!

It is often said, actually it is said again and again and again that children's career must not be forced upon them by their parents aspirations, that they must not be pressurized to pursue the path their parents or society or their peer group or their teachers 'think' appropriate for them. And that their young minds should be allowed to flourish without any bounds and that their interest in any field they are good at must be encouraged instead of forcing them to run the rat race for marks and undergraduate colleges and post graduate colleges that would kill the talent within them....
But, do the proponents of the above theory realise the percentage of the section of society who would actually be benefited by such a culture??? Do they also realise the number of students who DO NOT fall within this category of ' pursuing their interests and making a career out of it' or ' being given the choice to pursue their talent which would do them greater good than the rush for marks' ??? Are the proponents of the above theory living in the real world?? Come on guys, get real, see the conditions around you.. Do you really think that if all the school kids are given absolute freedom to pursue whatever they like, they won't just while away their time pursuing things out of which no 'career' can be made.. That, if no rules of marks or ranks or grades based on syllabus exist, they would still be making constructive use of their time..And that if education does not include making them aware of what the world runs on, sciences, arts, mathematics, computers,biology, law by 'forcing' upon them these subjects through their years in schools and college , they would ever choose to dive into these sensible , lucrative career paths which not only the economy of the country but also personal intellect demands.... Don't get me wrong , I am not talking about the one in a thousand exceptional child who can easily be recognised by his/her parents , teachers, peers and should be allowed to pursue his talent , excel in the same and make an exceptional life out of it. I am talking about the common junta like you and me. I am talking about people like us who have no concrete goal ahead of us ( how much ever we claim to fulfilling so-called goals 10 years down the line in various application forms and interviews :D) . How many youngsters in school and college actually know what to do if not for the everyday tasks that their course demands and How many of them would do ANYHTING useful if given a even a semester off from forced syllabi ?? Come on , Realistically hardly anyone would.. Say whatever about the rat race , it is at least giving a means of livelihood to millions around the world.
The exceptional lot would still be able to do what they've always wanted to because they are exceptional , the rest would only be left behind in the rat race if no guidance is forced upon them, practically , rationally and generally speaking...


  1. Rationalizing the Rat Race eh?

  2. I wrote a long reply about achieving a balanced approach depending on situation, but then I deleted it because it was too long. I'd just say its nice to read your well thought out views on how kids should be brought up.

    @Ishita: You are aware that the term "lotus-eater" is used in pejorative sense?

  3. @Amit: Hey thanks a lot for subscribing to my "real-world" views :)