Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chronicles of a B-school - Volume 2

No I am not talking about the News B-schools tend to generate at the time of CAT/XAT exams and interview process etc. , I am talking about the lack of knowledge of current affairs possessed by the dedicated MBA pursuing junta across B-schools ;) The picture denotes how the newspapers being delivered every morning stack up unread in a lousy corner of the room. It also shows 2 words clearly standing out in the bottommost paper.. 'System' and ' Students' ... Ok let me first start by blaming the system , later we can come onto the internal locus of control and consider holding ourselves accountable, BUT that is in case I fall short of reasons for blaming the System :D
The last paper I remember reading carefully was the TOI copy in the hotel room in Delhi when I had come down for my XLRI interview.. The first and the last ever budget analysis I have ever gone through was the 'Interim Budget' of 2009... I got to know about the news about the AP CM Rajasekhara Reddy 2 days later over the lunch table one afternoon.. I got to know broken pieces of news about the Telangana issue when I saw gtalk status messages such as " I am bored and I want a separate state of my own , hence I shall go on a hunger strike from tomorrow " ! .... I also got to know about Sachin s awesome victory through a group mail inviting batch mates for a 'Sachin Puja' on the day of the match... And I guessed that India defeated Pakistan in Hockey World Cup because there was an uproar in the mess :D
Now , that my dear friends is the condition of a LARGE percentage of MBA junta who have no time to read newspapers or watch TV because they get up at 8.55 am to attend the 9 am lecture , because they have slept over an assignment at 6 am. Also because they shall not read the paper in the half hour break at 10.30 as they missed their breakfast and would love to make up for it. And because they shall not read the paper after lunch because they would consider bathing n rushing for class again or sleeeeeeeeping.... The paper is still lying around in sight though. Now comes the evening schedule , where after a class they would hang out with friends where some earth shattering news about next assignments is revealed, so no one is really bothered with the problems of the world or the country... And then comes the time to while away time which is the time for NO useful work... And soon (er or later) comes the time to sleeeeep again .. And the next morning the paper goes into the dusty corner :D .. And there it is, justified and done , the lack of knowledge about current affairs ;)


  1. On the contrary,this could also mean the death of print media & the slow rise of television.

    However,as long as the student is keeping abreast with current affairs,either through TV or print media,the job is done.
    Would you not agree then,that somehow the effort of the students is lagging or rather there is absolutely no effort or passion for keeping in touch with current affairs?Where there's a will,there is a way !

    Amit Anshu

  2. @Amit: I could agree about a million things where students are to be blamed but as mentioned in the post, I shall put those aspects of the story on the backbench as long as I continue to find reasons beyond one's control... :D

  3. Well,thats a different take on it,a totally different perspective...I guess I couldnt catch that from your post.

    P.S.-Apologies for intruding !

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