Friday, September 18, 2009

Contemporary Gyan

You Love Someone
You Marry Someone Else
The One You Marry Becomes Your Husband Or Wife
And The One You Loved Becomes The Password Of Your Email Id...


  1. Then the secret admirer who stalks you hacks into your account, figures out who you love, sends a mail to your husband.

    Your new secret question on Yahoo! Mail is now:

    "What was the pet-name of your ex-spouse?"

    PS: Why the heck don't you allow anonymous comments? At least allow comments by "Name and Email ID/URL"

  2. @ Gurdit : I dont allow anonymous comments because I want to reply to good souls like you thanking them for their valuable comments and suggestions :-|

  3. Yeah, but it becomes much easier for me to write my name as "Gurdit" and put my blog's URL in the URL field when I comment. :)

    (We bloggers always dream that someone reading someone else's post will like our comment and click on our name to check out our blog, don't we? :P )