Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sweet September

Do not , on a rainy day ask your child , what he feels like doing, because I assure you, what he feels like doing , you wont feel like watching...
-- Fran Lebowitz

Come September and there are raindrops crashing down upon corrugated iron sheets, raindrops quenching the thirst of this parched earth , raindrops filling dried up dead lakes and ponds, raindrops washing off the layer of soot on tree leaves and clinging on to them like pearls, raindrops falling off rolled up car windows, raindrops bringing a smile on the face of every Indian farmer who has been praying heartily for this very moment of the sky showering down upon his land, raindrops filling up innumerable potholes on the roads of the country, and ending the wait of every rain enthusiast who wanted to jump in the rain filled slushy potholes having a time of his life.

The late revival of monsoons has lifted spirits of the people throughout after many parts of the country being declared drought hit not more than a month back. It has come as a relief not only to the agriculturists but also to the government and the urbanites. The unbearable summer temperatures have finally fallen and everyone is enjoying every bit of this Sweet September weather with farmers thanking God for saving their crops , lovers walking in the rain down canopied paths, office goers folding up their formal wear with a smile on their faces , children rolling in the wet mud , some science students trying out their models for rain water harvesting , poets sitting by their windows with a pen in their mouth, intellectual crowd becoming even more intellectual by the charismatic effect of the rain , people everywhere inhaling the sweet fragrance of the rain on dry ground, people frying pakodas in their homes and rest of them cosying up in bed by the windowside and catching up on movies.......

All this and more has a lot to do with what Sweet September is all about :)

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