Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hey, Our Raft Is Sinking !!!!

This post is dedicated to my dear sinking raft team mates - Mangsule , Shouvik, Sapan, Akriti, Indrani, GP, Vinay and Himanshu :)

It all began at the XL adventure trip when we were taken to the beautiful Dimna lake for water sports and were asked to construct a raft by ourselves with the materials provided to us (tyres , logs, ropes) .. It basically all began when we started "Strategising" to build the raft so as to win the so called competition by completing the task which included building the raft , climbing onto it with oars, rowing till the middle of nowhere and returning from that middle of nowhere to starting point where we would be served snacks at the end of the task in as short a time as possible... It also basically all began when we rejected one by one the ideas of constructing a hexagonal raft, a grid shaped raft, a square raft and what not and zeroing in on a simple straight raft , almost as shown in this google image :-|

It also basically all began when we quickly , smartly , sincerely tied the logs with the ropes loosely :-| and then very happily went out into the 'sea' hurraying with our oars.. rowed for a whole 4 meters when we realized that our poor raft was wobbling in the middle of nowhere.. our captain and co captain tried their best to keep rowing against the strong tide in the opposite direction, all the while everyone screaming and shouting and laughing alongside at everyone else on the god forsaken self constructed wobbly raft. And then the inevitable happened... the captain and the co captain fell off the raft :-| while the rest of the team members looked on bewildered and then burst out laughing when we realized that they hadnt drowned.. haha.. the raft had started falling apart by now and most of the members were busy holding onto it while the rest rowed in the middle of nowhere in the direction of the shore... finally we reached the other end of and reported, and turned back for the return journey... But , then again , all was not very well , especially when the weather became all stormy and ours was the last raft left in the lake, and two of our teammates were floating in the water and the rest were clutcing onto the raft and the remaining few were trying to row back.. hehe.. after dragging the boat for a few metres , the environmental conditions became unberable and before we could all drown , there came a rescue boat to save us :) .. then in the middle of nowhere , we somehow tied our so called raft to the hook of the rescue boat and were being dragged to the shore , when suddenly the water became too stormy and it started pouring heavily with boat the boats being dragged in the opposite direction.. admist the high tension packed adventure , each of us switched over from the broken raft to the seemingly safer boat and dragged our way out of the lake in the stormy weather to the shore.. on steppin out of the water , we were given a standing ovation by the rest of the group who had been waiting for us from the last two hours :-| ..

So , thats how it all ended.. the two hour adventure in the middle of the hugggggeee lake surrounded by mountains , the embarrassing standing ovation , a memory of a lifetime more for the organisers than for us ( they ll mention this 'incident' to the batches coming next year on ) and our "safe" return :)


  1. Awesome read! how real!!....i felt like i lived thru it all ;)

  2. @Indrani : I swear yaar!! it was one of those "Life is not a joke" kinda moments ;) haha

  3. you people have earned such superb ovation from us.. you should thank us.. :) never in life you will be felicitated to pass thru Bridge of Oars.. :) - Rajiv

  4. @ Rajiv : The ovation , although embarrassing , was the biggest we have ever received , so ya , we must thank our dear appreciators ;)

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