Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The New Age Funda : Honesty Is A Fad

Just come to think of it.. We have arrived in an era where honesty is actually becoming an increasingly accepted fashion statement, a fad! We might not like to admit , but we as individuals are appreciating 'honesty' as a fashion when we are damn pleased with the reality shows on TV showcasing actors/ non actors presumably in their most frank form and laud those who are more blatantly honest than the others in their disposition. We also laud those technical/management 'gurus' (with no offence to anyone) who make more frank statements than they ought to be making :-o !! Some being way too honest about their personal lives , some being way to frank about their failures, and some being way too frank about their stupidities.. And the crowd goes all gaga over them. Its kinda easy to be real honest if you come to think of it. You don't even have to cook up stories, you just got to converse :) But what we don't realise is that 'honesty' which was once appreciated as a quality , is now appreciated as a fad.. A trend which is likely to show celebrities/famous souls in the stupidest light possible because rarely does the crowd appreciate a discourse on smart acts a person has done even if he/she is honest , than a silly act done by him in the most conductive of circumstances.


  1. Interesting. To be (please excuse me for saying the word) honest, I can't put a finger on exactly what you have a problem with. Why is people being forthright about their opinions/lives/failures/stupidities a negative trait? Is your problem only with highlighting and glorifying the stupid aspects of a person to the exclusion of everything else - cuz I don't think that's happening. Which management gurus are more frank than they ought to be?

  2. @ Amit : Well , what is happening is the "everything else" is being showcased by glorifying failures/stupidities etc etc. the Self declared ones are usually more frank than they ought to be.. the genuine ones havnt started adopting the strategies yet ;)

  3. I agree with you insofar as blurting out everything indiscriminately is no virtue. So I found it odd when the character in 3 idiots said "sir main vo teesri manzil se kood gaya"