Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Only Way To Survive In The Management World Is To Play It Like A Game

Don't bother taking life too seriously. It will always consider kicking a ball in your face. And then again don't bother running away from it or dodging it, that's way too boring.. And DON'T for God sake get hit because you were busy looking somewhere else. Let it come head on and kick it back , maybe you won't get the time to decide the direction , kick it somewhere all the same. It is then when you realise that you are out in the filed and having a blast playing the game. Play each situation like a game , play all decisions like a game , play all the emotional drama you encounter on the way like a game , play your wins like a game and more importantly, play the shots in your face like a game.. It is this attitude which is going to get you far in the management world where you ll lose only if you take things too seriously ;)


  1. Football's a sport, not a game. And life's more like an game like Chess than like a sport. And there are games which go on perpetually, where you choose to win or lose; where the only thing that matters is having fun.

  2. @ Ishita: Must confess I did not know the definition difference between a game and a sport , however , what i wanted to convey for everybody's good is play it cheerfully , not as strategically as you do in chess , all that will result in is a heartbreak which is exactly what it sought to prevent