Friday, January 29, 2010

You have Lost Your Touch With Nature And You Are Being Controlled... BIG TIME!

Do you even realise the extent to which you are being fooled by the ruling elite. It all seems very democratic doesn't it? Well , that's what they make sure , the ruling elite I mean, that it is YOU who demand your own imprisonment!! You think the media is the saviour of the general public??? Well, You are WRONG.. Real sad, the one off endorsement the media does to take pending cases to the supreme court to get the victims justice , (as Jesicca Lal and the like) , covers up for what It does not Openly endorse.. The ultimate agenda of the rulers. Now that might sound clich├ęd , but THAT is precisely what you need to understand big time.. The Kashmir issue will never be solved because elections of both Pakistan and India are won based on the issue. The terror infiltration will never stop because the political game changes course for one party or the other at each event. The 9/11 and the likes will never become a thing of the past because wars need to be waged and the weapon market needs to flourish. The Iraq war and attacks on oil rich countries will never stop because oil is a Damn Big money minting business. The Financial Institutions will never seek stability because the International bankers are making loads of money in ridiculous schemes fooling the public in and out. AND while all this is going on we have news flashes over and over and over again showcasing the Danger we have from an 'external' party which the government chooses to call 'terrorist'!! What the janta fails to realise is that the very channels of media are VERY much controlled by the ruling elite and they throw that exact information in the face of the public which will further their territorial and power interests. And the news is thrown in our faces so much so that we believe it to be true, believe the danger to be true and are willing to forego our privacy in lieu of security promised by near unconstitutional pieces of legislation enacted will full public support because WE are too shit scared. They don't want the public to think too much or understand too much , it would be disastrous to their interests if the public could look into the hidden agenda , it is with this in mind the public is bombarded with loads of crap.. ridiculous reality shows, silly soaps, 'sensational' and worthless news, a pursuit of achievement, status , differentiation from their own brethren, silly investment schemes when the common man is so burdened with the income tax he has to pay by virtue of the fact that he earns bread for his family! You , dear common man , must STOP and stare.. You must Question before it gets too late and you are killed( they will call it suicide of course) .. You must get a hang of the awful game of chess they are playing and secure yourself against it, and that will come when you do realise the power you possess by virtue of being a very part of the natural environment which is all you need to be happy and break away from the anxiety they are imposing upon you, shortening your lifetime by your own 'unwilling' choice...


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